Monday, December 7, 2009

Bizzy Bee

Well, as always, my more than month-long absence is a definite sign of me being a very bizzy little bee. November was filled with a flurry of visualizing, strategizing, debating and compromising all in anticipation of our marathon of holiday shows that began on November 28th. After display planning, all remaining hours were spent at the Modus Paperie & Press studio, printing, printing, printing, and doing fussy little tasks like folding cards and packaging gift tags.

Our very first market, the Portobello West holiday season opener, happened over the last weekend of November. It was heaps of work and an enormous learning experience. Some silly decisions and omission were made – like to use bricks as display props (duh!) and to not bring a chair – but all in all, it was a valuable first-time experience that established a great foundation for our next show.

A week later, our second show – Got Craft? – was indeed, an entirely different experience. The display had been streamlined (bricks returned!) and everything was organized to fit neatly into two large totes. The show itself was spectacular. The lineup for swag bags started at 7:30 am, doors opened at 11:00 and the hall was packed until closing at 5:00. Randomly assigned, Modus Paperie & Press was one of 4 vendors located on the stage and by what I could see from up there (and from patrons' rave reviews), the Got Craft? organizers, Andrea and Robert, did a fantastic job at vendor selection. Congratulations to them both for yet another extraordinarily successful event!

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