Monday, April 26, 2010

The Fun Continues...

This weekend marked the 3rd installation of our Introduction to Letterpress workshop at the Modus studio. This time around we added to our barrel full of sock monkeys and transformed our California poppies into a beautiful rich red variety with crisp black stems. Oooooh-ahhhhh. And as promised, I remembered my camera this time!

Who doesn't love printing sock monkeys!?

Monkey plate.

Printing poppies.

Locked up hand set type.

Finished product!

Friday, April 23, 2010

Some Lovin' for Sock Monkey Love

I recently discovered that back in January, our work was mentioned in a Valentine's Day feature on the popular style blog Platinum Blonde Life out of New York. See our "Sock Monkey Love" up in the top left corner? Thanks for the shout-out Platinum Blonde Life!

Image: Platinum Blonde Life

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Sole Mates

My friend Illene is Queen of all things innovative. In fact, she should really be contributing to this blog on a daily basis but since she insists she is a designer not a writer, I will post this for her!

You finally found the perfect shoe to go with the perfect outfit, what more could you ask for? Sole Mates! – little caps that you clip on to the heels of your stilettos to save them from grass, mud, cobblestone and sidewalk cracks. Well, how about that... you don't have to sacrifice your favourite pair of shoes for your best friend's garden wedding!