Friday, October 23, 2009

Kool Kidz

Last night's inaugural School of Thought event at The Beaumont was heaps of fun! It was a great turn-out with about 80 of the coolest cool kids showing up to join in the fun.

There were 3 blocks of 4 regular curriculum classes throughout the night including: graffiti stenciling, photography lighting, enlightened finance and old skool letterpress printing. And the fun even continued at recess with a couple quick wine purchasing and sorbet making demos in the breezway.

Kind of like shop and art combined into one, letterpress was definitely popular with the crowd. Only scheduled for 3 blocks, I ended up doing a 4th late-night class by popular demand, squeezing in as many people as we could into the little Modus Paperie & Press studio. I'm a little hoarse today but it was great fun being on the faculty and having the opportunity to introduce so many enthusiastic people to the art of letterpress. If you were there, it was great meeting you – and gold stars all around!

This event will be held every Thursday for the next 7 weeks. Next week all the classes will be different so if it's letterpress you're interested in, it'll likely be included again in the November 5th curriculum. Stay tuned for more details!

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